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Trigger Wholesale Inc.






Trigger Wholesale Inc. (TWI) is a privately held Canadian company serving a national network of federally licenced Dealers, Retailers, Law Enforcement and Government/Military Agencies across Canada. We have been in business for 10-years (2019) and we are the fastest growing company in the Canadian Industry. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, we are centrally located and have extensive offices, staff, property and holdings to serve our customers as a Stocking Distributor. We carry a global selection of brands to meet the needs of outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts for all of their unique requirements whether it is Olympic Target Shooting, Competition, Hunting or protecting our streets and borders as a First Responder. TWI also prides itself on being the service and warranty center for each of the products that we distribute and all work is completed in Canada by trained professionals.




TWI built its business on the backs of independent Dealers and Retailers many years ago and we love their entrepreneurial spirit!  We offer our customers Net Term Agreements (OAC), several Free Shipping options for both firearms and ammunition, a wide range of payment methods including early payment bonus incentives.  Our secure online shopping environment tracks orders and hosts previous invoices so our customers can quickly find and review their order history or recall a serial number or shipping/tracking information specifics.  In mid-2018, we launched bilingual Dealer Marketing Materials to support our French language customers and further invest in our industry.  To date, we offer a world class catalogue and product offering, the best website in the global market and a brand new tradeshow booth that surpasses the competition. Best of all, we keep our products in stock. 


After several accommodations for our advanced security from the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario, regional Police Services, etc. TWI is further investing in the industry by building North Americas most secure and advanced facility to support our growing business.  We currently own a 90-Acre property that will consolidate our Canadian facilities and incorporate advanced security, modern storage solutions, gunsmithing and warranty center and a series of private ranges including a multi-lane 100-yd indoor range, 1km long outdoor range and one of Canada’s most advanced trap pitches.  Although our facility will not be open to the public, our Dealers, Manufacturers and First Responders will be able to access the grounds as a commitment to our partnership and to gain/transfer knowledge and skills around our product offering.


Trigger Wholesale Inc. does not sell to or deal directly with the public.  We only sell to federally licenced businesses and Government Agencies.  Consumers are required to enact any service or warranty claims through their point of purchase.  Our customers expect fast, accurate and professional service from TWI and we will not respond to requests for sales or service outside of our business perimeters.









NET-30 Term Accounts (OAC)
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On FIREARMS Orders starting at

$2,500.00 & AMMUNITION Orders

starting at $5,000.00



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Single Point of Contact for Sales, Service & Warranty & Work (Dedicated Account Executives)






& Wholesale Distributor


We do not sell to the public & we do not own or operate any retail space. We fill the shelves of Firearms Dealers & Retailers & that is our primary focus.


We are also the Warranty Center for each of the products that we distribute & we ask that consumers leverage their favorite local Gun Shop or Point of Purchase for any service work that may be required.


Any Dealer or Retailer with a CFO issued Business Firearms Licence (BFL) can buy from us as long as their licence is in good standing.

Trigger Wholesale Inc. currently supports 25 product lines including:


  • Ammunition (Rimfire, Centrefire, Shotshell)
  • Powders (Black Powder, Smokeless, Synthetics)
  • Firearms (Non-Restricted, Restricted, Prohibited; Production & Surplus)
  • Firearms Maintenance (Gun Oil, Protectant, Repair/Refinishing)
  • Parts & Magazines (For each of our product lines)

Our goal is to improve access to our product lines across Canada and to supply Retailers with a predictable availability model. We will be adding several new product lines in 2018 so please check back again soon and follow us on our social media.





We look forward to supporting Canadian Shooting Enthusiasts through our network of Dealers across the country.