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PPU, 6.5×52 Carcano, FMJBT, 139gr, 20rds, PP6.01

PPU Ammunition, Serbia

PPU, 6.5×52 Carcano, FMJBT, 139gr, 20rds


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Manufacturer: PRVI PARTIZAN (PPU)

Origin: Serbia

Series: Metric Rifle Ammunition

Load No.: PP6.01

Calibre: 6.5x52 Carcano

Bullet Weight: 139gr

Bullet Type: FMJBT

Case: Brass

Primer: Boxer Primed

Ballistic Coefficient: 0.536

Muzzle Velocity: 2525fps

Muzzle Energy: 1968ft/lbs

Box: 20rd

Case: 500rd

Other 1: Non-Corrosive

Other 2:

By popular demand, we have established a series of the highest quality metric rifle loadings to accommodate the large assortment of foreign military surplus and commercial firearms that have been entering North America since WWII.


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