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Nikko Stirling, Diamond Speed Sights, MRSL, Japan

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Nikko Stirling, Diamond Speed Sights, MRSL, Japan, Red Dot Reflex Sight

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Manufacturer:  Nikko Stirling

Brand: Nikko Stirling
Country: Japan

Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty (See Conditions Below); Managed in Canada by TWI



Category: Optics

Series: Diamond Speed Sights


Magnification: 1

Country/Origin: Made in Japan

Specification 1: 4 MOA Red Dot

Specification 2: Elevation Range: 180 inches at 100 yards

Specification 3: 7 Illumination settings

Specification 3: Parallax-free

Specification 4: Matte black finish

Specification 5: Click adjustments

Specification 6: Waterproof, Shock Proof

Specification 7: Integrated Weaver mount

Specification 8: Multicoated lenses



Box: Branded Fiber Box with Foam Inserts

Documents: Manual, Warranty Card



Note 1: Please reference your Owner’s Manual for Instructions on operation, maintenance and limitations.  TWI assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of these products.

Note 2: Welcome to Nikko Stirling, Optics for Sports, Since 1956. A heritage of hunting separates Nikko Stirling from its competitors. Nikko Stirling does not produce spectacles, jewelry, cameras or microscopes. We specialize only in optics for hunting and shooting sports. Our philosophy is to provide hunters and target shooters with the optics they need to be successful in their sport. Since 1956 this has been our goal. Today the Nikko Stirling range is a result of the evolution of solving the challenges faced by hunters and shooting enthusiasts throughout the world.

Note 3: The Nikko Stirling MRSL Red Dot Reflex Sight is a 1x magnifying mini red dot sight that is made in Japan it is a closed tube system with an integrated Weaver mount. It uses renowned Japanese optical technology and craftsmanship. It is made of high-grade alloy, providing superior strength.

Note 4: This sight is parallax-free, water and shock proof, and has click adjustments. The 4 MOA red dot and multicoated lenses offer a perfect sight image. A great sight for quick shots while hunting or at the range.


Nikko Stirling proudly offers our customers an unprecedented Lifetime Warranty subject to the following terms:
* Riflescopes and Binoculars - Lifetime Warranty applies only to the original owner (proof of original purchase may be required)
* Electronic parts are warranted for 5 years.
* All other Nikko Stirling products are covered with a limited lifetime warranty which applies to the original owner with original invoice. 
* These warranties do not cover misuse, abuse or repairs attempted by someone other than our authorized technician.
* If a product proves to be defective, Nikko Stirling, at its option, will repair the product or replace the product with a similar product.
* Please contact your local dealer for warranty claims

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