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Istanbul Arms, Impala Plus, Shadow Grass (Mossy Oak), Semi, Shotgun

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Istanbul Arms, Impala Plus, Shadow Grass (Mossy Oak),, Semi, Shotgun, 12GA, 3”, 4+1, Adjustable Comb



32″ VR: IMP120CC32
30″ VR: IMP120CC30
28″ VR: IMP120CC28
26″ VR: IMP120CC26
22″ Slug: IMP120CC22S

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Manufacturer:  Istanbul Silah

Brand: Istanbul Arms
Country: Turkey

Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty; Managed in Canada by TWI



Category: Shotgun

Classification (Canada): Non-Restricted

Type/Action: Inertia System, Semi-Auto
Model No.: Mossy Oak – Shadow Grass Blade

TWI SKU: IMP120CC28 Pictured (See Chart Above for Barrel Options)

Calibre: 12GA

Chamber: 3” Magnum
Capacity: Tubular Magazine, 4+1 Capacity
Barrel: 28” Vent Rib Barrel Pictured; Chromed Inside & Out (See Chart Above for Barrel Options; Slug & Rifled Options)

Chokes: Invector Plus 5-Piece Choke Set with Wrench (F,IM,M,IC,SK)

Front Sight: Red Fibre Optic (Others Available In Stock)

Rear Sight: NA

Stock Type: Fixed Synthetic Stock with Removable/Adjustable Comb and Premium Recoil Pad

Other 1: Bolt: Rotary Locking System with 6-Lugs (Patented)

Other 2: Overmold Stock with Premium Camo Pattern

Other 3: Encoded Cocking Handle & Bolt System (Patented)

Other 4: Removable/Adjustable Comb

Other 5: Ergonomic Trigger Group Design



Box: Branded Fibre Box with Foam Cutouts

Case: NA

Documents: Manual, Warranty Card

Accessories: Invector Plus Choke System (5-Piece with Wrench), Removable/Adjustable Comb, 5-Piece Shim Kit, Removable Fibre Optic Front Sight, Swivel Studs.

Other: Compatible with Trojan Horse Barrel Extensions, Extra Sights and Choke Systems.



Upper Receiver: 7075 T6 Aluminum, Anodized, Shadow Grass Blade (Mossy Oak)

Barrel: 4140 Steel, Chrome Lined (Inside & Out), Shadow Grass Blade (Mossy Oak)

Locking Block: 4140 Steel

Stock: Synthetic Polymer, Removable/Adjustable Comb, Shadow Grass Blade (Mossy Oak)

Recoil Pad: Premium Soft Recoil Pad, Black

Base Plate:  NA



Overall Length, Collapsed: NA

Overall Length, Extended: 49” (125cm)

Overall Length, Folded: NA

Height:  7-1/4” (Top of Receiver to the bottom of the Stock)
Width:  1-5/8” (2-1/4” at Charge Handle)
Weight: 7.05lbs (With Removable/Adjustable Comb Installed)


Note 1: All Length Measurements are taken with the Flash Hider (if applicable) removed.  All Height and Width Measurements are taken with Accessories installed and the Magazine (if applicable) inserted.  All Weight Measurements are taken without ammunition in the firearm or Magazine/Magazine Tube.

Note 2: Please reference your Owner’s Manual for Instructions on operation, maintenance and limitations.  Please also follow the instructions for the use of Steel Shot and Slugs when using shotguns and/or choke systems.  TWI assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of these products.

Note 3: Break-In Period: It is important to fully degrease the firearm before its initial use, followed by the application of a quality lubricant (such as Brunox).  To properly ‘open the chamber’ it is recommended to shoot 120-150rds of High Brass through the firearm as part of the initial use/break in period.

Note 4: Inertia System Shotguns: Because Inertia Shotguns don’t need to hide any gas pistons or external linkages they tend to be thinner and less bulky than gas guns. The reduction of total parts means that they’re typically lighter than gas operated Shotguns as well. They’re also easier to disassemble and clean, which is nice, but nicer still is the fact that you won’t need to do it as often. Because there are no gas ports to clog and pistons to gunk up, an Inertia Shotgun will stay very clean even after hundreds of rounds have been fired.  They tend to perform better in cold conditions as well

Note 5: Istanbul Arms is a Premium Shotgun Manufacturer based in Istanbul Turkey.  The company builds shotguns for the world’s leading brands and after looking at these fine firearms, you will notice the attention to detail and precision at every angle.  Considered the best Premium Semi-Auto Shotgun in Turkey, these Shotguns are a must have for the serious Hunter and Trap Shooter!


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