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Hodgdon, H4198, Extreme Rifle Powder, 8lb Keg

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Manufacturer: Hodgdon Powder Co.

Product: H4198

Product Code: 41988

UPC: 039288-500193

Category: Extreme Rifle Powder

Powder Type: Extruded Rifle Powder

Cartridges: 222 Remington, 444 Marlin and 7.62x39

Container Size: 8lb Keg

Container Height: 10.20

Container Weight: 6.97

Container Length: 4.75

Case: 2 – 8lb Kegs (16lbs)


This Extreme Extruded propellant has gone through some changes since its inception, all the time maintaining the same important burning speed of the past. The kernels were shortened for improved metering and necessary elements were added to make it extremely insensitive to hot/cold temperatures.

Description 2:

Our exclusive line of extruded rifle powders – Hodgdon Extreme™ – was developed to give shooters consistent performance, load after load, in even the most extreme heat and cold.


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