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FMK, 9C1G2, Tiffany Blue, 9mm, 10rd, Semi, Handgun

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FMK Firearms, USA, 9C1G2, Tiffany Blue

9mm, 10rd, Semi, 106mm Barrel

Polymer Case, 2-10rd Mags, G96, Extra Sights

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Manufacturer:  FMK Firearms, Inc.
Country: USA (Placentia, CA)

Warranty: Limited Lifetime; Managed in Canada by TWI


Category: Handgun

Classification (Canada): Restricted

Type/Action: Semi-Auto, Single Action Only, Striker Fired
Model No.: 9C1G2 (9C1 Generation II)

: 9mm (9x19)
Capacity: 10rd Box Magazine, Drop Free
Barrel: 4.2” (106mm)

Barrel Grooves: 6

Barrel Twist: Left Hand

Trigger: 316 Fast Action Trigger (FAT; Quick, Short Trigger Pull)

Trigger Pull: 6lbs

Front Sight: 3/8” Sight System; 2 White Dot Sights Included; Accepts Glock 19 3rd Party Sights

Rear Sight: 3/8” Sight System; 2 Sights Included: 1 U-Shape & 1 Two Dot; Accepts Glock 19 3rd Party Sights

Optic Mounting: Under Barrel Accessory Rail (Picatiny)

Safety 1: Trigger Safety: The Trigger Safety prevents the Trigger from moving rearward unless depressed.

Safety 2: Firing Pin Block: This feature is designed to prevent discharge if the firearm is dropped.

Safety 3: Loaded Chamber Indicator: A Red Pin protrudes out the back of the slide when a round is in the chamber (Patented Feature).

Other 1: Pistol Grip with Rubberized Shock Absorbing Back Strap

Other 2: NA



Box: NA

Case: Branded Hard Polymer Case

Documents: Manual with Warranty & Registration Instructions

Accessories: 2-10rd Magazines, Extra Front & Rear Sights, Bottle of G96 (15ml)

Other: NA



Slide: 4140 Steel, Parkerized, Matte Black

Frame: Polymer, Matte Tiffany Blue

Barrel: Stainless Steel, Matte Black

Guide Rod: Polymer, Black

Grip: Polymer, Grooved, Recessed, Textured, Matte Tiffany Blue

Backstrap: Rubber, Matte Black

Magazine: Steel, Branded, Matte Black

Magazine Base Plate:  Polymer, Matte Black

Other: NA



Overall Length: 7”

Height: 5”
Width: 1-1/8”
Weight: 1.55lbs (Empty Magazine Inserted)



Note 1: 3/8” Dovetail Sight System compatible with most Glock 19 3rd Party Sights

Note 2: With the installation of the FAT Trigger Assembly, the Magazine Disconnect has been disabled and the pistol can be fired with the Magazine removed.
Note 3: Pistols depend on the recoil action of the slide moving rearward to discharge the spent cartridge and load a new one into the chamber.  If the pistol is not held firmly (with elbows locked) it can fail to properly eject the spent cartridge or load a new one.

Note 4: Please reference your Owners Manual for Instructions on operation, maintenance and limitations. TWI assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of these products.


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