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BRUNOX® LUB & COR® 100ml, Open Liquid

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High – Tec – long-term corrosion inhibitor

100ml Open Liquid

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BRUNOX® LUB & COR® Is Setting New Standards


Firearms collectors, sportsmen or professional gun owners have one thing in common, their firearms need to be protected to keep them in perfect condition. Owners of valuable firearms will especially require an effective high quality protectant. BRUNOX® LUB&COR is guaranteed to keep all types of firearms in perfect condition.


BRUNOX® LUB & COR® protects metals against corrosion. When the product is applied it forms a 5-10my thin protection film which guarantees an anticorrosion protection for 3 years indoor, 1 year outdoor under a roof and a half year outdoor.

BRUNOX® LUB & COR® protects your firearm in every climate from high humidity, extreme cold to aggressive climatic conditions like seaside use.


The handy, eco-friendly 125ml spray fits in every weapon case or range bag so you can bring the high-tech anticorrosion everywhere that you go. The product is also available sizes up to 5L cans!


BRUNOX® LUB & COR® is more than corrosion protection; it is also a perfect lubricant for all types of firearms and their unique actions (including Semi-Auto & Full-Auto firearms).



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